So.. that took a while. Yesterday, it was exactly one year since I announced the beginning of the design that is now implemented. The reason for the huge delay is a few scrapped attempts, which is why the previous iteration was technically called ”chromawoods2” and this new one is ”chromawoods5”; I had two unfinished iterations in between that were simply thrown in the bin.

Focus areas

  • Readability – The post contents must be in focus and all other elements should be rather discreet
  • Mobility – Instead of sculpting a desktop design that later goes through some CSS-shoehorning, I gave small devices much more attention from the beginning
  • Accessibility – It’s a fun topic that is too often overlooked and I wanted to make this iteration better at it. Can’t say I have succeeded as I am still learning

Technical stuff

These things change quickly, so if you’re reading this post more than a year after it was published, my preferred stack might be something else. I’m just gonna namedrop them:

English is now going to be the primary language of this site, with the occasional beer-related Swedish post.