It is exactly (almost) two years since this site had a redesign so here we go. I am currently working on it and so far I feel pretty good about it. The keywords for this iteration are typography and cleanliness. The site will be using both Abril Fatface and Josefin Slab and the actual design will be drastically different from the current one. Green has been a good friend for ages, but this time it will have to make way for orange. The start page will feature blog posts in their entirety and not in excepts. The photo page might go, or at least not take up as much focus. The projects page will continue to be an important part of the site.

…and this guy?


His fate has not yet been decided. The ’ol owl has survived so many design iterations so it would be terrible to lose him, but I’m just not sure the new design will have room for him.. we will see. Perhaps I’ll keep him as an Easter egg. Or a favicon.

So yeah the wheels are turning, but there is no telling when it will be published. Anything from two weeks to six months I would say. :)